This recipe is for approximately 8 - 9 people.




Lets make some soup!

Do this while vegetables are cooking!

Are you ready for the best soup in your life?

Suggestions for serving

We like a lot of pasta in our soup - so we usually put one to two LARGE servings of Acini Di Pepe in our soup bowl.

Then we ladle the soup mixture with some chicken and meatballs into the bowl.

Brenda likes her soup relatively dry - so she does not put much liquid (but lots of vegetables and meat) in it.

I like it soupier - so I put lots of liquid in.

Then put sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and some black pepper and HEAVEN!!!!!

Wish this soup lasted as long as some marriages!


The soup freezes well - We usually make up a big recipe and freeze enough for several meals.

We always cook fresh pasta for the soup when we serve it for the second or third time - although

the pasta from the first serving can be included in the soup and frozen also.

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Food preparation enjoyed by and recipe recorded by Pam Schloeder, Tulsa, OK. 12/6/97