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This recipe is for approximately 8 people.


Egg Mixture:

Breading Mixture:

Place several eggplant slices into egg mixture.
  • Remove and coat with a thin coating of the breading mixture.
  • Repeat this process until all of the eggplants have been breaded.
  • Fry breaded eggplant in an electric skillet at 300-325 degrees.
  • Use 1/2 Wesson oil and 1/2 Olive oil.   Cook until golden brown.
  • Change oil when it becomes foamy.   Drain eggplant on paper towels.

    Layer eggplant parmigiana as follows:

    • VERY Thin layer of tomato sauce.
    • 1 layer of Eggplant
    • Grated mozzarella cheese
    • Repeat.

    Note: Three layers maximum!

    Bake at 325 degrees until cheese melts, approximately 15 -20 minutes.   Heaven awaits!

    Can be served with some Pasta OR as the main course.   Fettuccine Alfredo is wonderful with this dish.

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