Chicken Parmigiana

The Chicken Parmigiana will need Tomato Sauce for flavor.   Before starting this recipe, go make some Tomato Sauce with the pork chops in it!  This time you won't need to make any meatballs, unless you want to save some for later.   If you didn't see the previous note - the Tomato Sauce and meat will freeze for months.   So use some sauce that was frozen previously or make some fresh sauce.

This recipe is for approximately 10 people; however, the Chicken cutlets also freeze well and can be used at a later time.   I find it easier to make up enough for 2 -3 meals at a time.

Chicken Preparation

Egg mixture

    Bread Crumb Mixture

    You should be able to smell the cheese and garlic in the bread crumbs.
    If not add some more - it won't hurt!


    Layering instructions

    Cook for fifteen or twenty minutes at 350 degrees, or until cheese melts.   Freezes well.   If you want to heat them up later, DO NOT MICROWAVE.     The microwave will make them too hard to eat.   Serves approximately 10 people and more if you combine with a pasta dish --like stuffed shells-(This recipe will be on the net soon!).

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    2. Meat for the Tomato Sauce
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